Angela Winbush - Menage À Trois


Not really an Angela Winbush fan, but I found this record and this song has a really nice groove to it. I'm liking it!



  1. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! yeeees!!!
  2. Great Song!!!
  3. pimping
  4. what a voice
  5. what you mean you aint no fan??? you posted her!!! and we thankful that ya
    did!! I ALWAYS loved Angie...
  6. Angela is one of the best vocalists ever!!! I love her!!!
  7. I am most certainly an Angela Winbush fan! She is bad ass!
  8. And spiritual massage a true angle
  9. That song was the real BET era not that sappy swaggy era. I wish BET would
    play real stuff like this again.
  10. ive never heard this.... its really sexy
  11. love this one by ,ms. winbush sounds like spend the night
  12. silky smooth, git your grove on...
  14. yes angela...
  15. Not an Angela Winbush fan - Say what? Well, this is the same track from the
    Isley Brother's Spend the Night. I love the song and the lyric. In my
    opinion this should have been a single. It would have at least got a lot of
    people talkin' but Ron Isley managed her and ... Enuff said.
  16. this that real old skool music if u kno nothin bout it dont fuck wit it
  17. i love this song so much my husband decieded to name our 1st. child after
    dis song,so different,,,i love dis song~
  18. Please post "precious". I used to have this album, smoking, listening Aside
    of this album was pleasure moment.
  19. I love the message in this song: she's a really classy lady. I can't wait
    for her to drop something...
  20. 0:56 "No freaks allowed!" She's serious about that. She's not with the
    freak mess!
  21. can someone please play the song here of Please Bring Your Love Back Post
    the song here? i will greatly appreciate it it is the song before Menage A
Angela Winbush
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