Billy Eckstine - The High and the Mighty





  1. Thank you for posting this song.
  2. A simply gorgeous hunk of wax and to my mind his best recording.
  3. Had all his albums many years ago and he sounds better all the time. He
    will live on as long as those of us who remember are alive.
  4. A Beautiful Song, Movie and sung by a great artist Billy Eckstine!
  5. When singers.... sang....!!!!!!
  6. Well, folks . . . if I could sing like Eckstine . . . certainly my
    love-life would have been MUCH improved over the years . . . anyway---if
    you're interested in planes and flying at all, read the book by Ernest Gann
    . . . Gary in Arizona . . . courtesy of Vic561.
  7. Man, I never new (until now) that this movie theme song had lyrics! I only
    knew to look on youtube because the lyrics are mentioned but not sung in
    the opening credits of the movie! A beautiful song sung by one of the top
    two greatest, deep, rich, baritone's. (the other being Johnny Hartmann)
  8. WOW -- I love this song !! And Billy Eckstine's voice really gives me
    goose-bumps !! Beautiful !!