Travis Tritt - Tell Me I Was Dreaming


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  1. I miss good old 90s country im a 90s country boy always and forever
  2. I love love love this song always cry when I hear it
  3. Even though I'm born and raised in middle Tennessee I've never much cared
    for country music in general, but there are a handful of artists that I can
    happily listen to. This song is one of three that go together to tell a
    story that is a tear jerker, I love them all. 
  4. I love Travis Tritt songs
  5. I love Travis Tritt songs I wish that he would start back singing.
  6. Such a sad song. I love how country songs can tell such a story of ones
  7. This is such a sad and lovely song all at the same time love travis' s
    song's they touch my heart
  8. omg, I can barely watch this's been nearly 4 years since my wife
    passed (7/28/10) and I'm just now getting to watching this...unfortunately
    I can honestly say I know how he feels (him and Gary Alan)
  9. We played this song after my brother passed away ! That was 19 years ago! 
  10. Life is fragile
  11. I Love all three of the songs in this trilogy they are so touching..
  12. great song
  13. Cool Brother
  14. Life can be hard on all of us and the pain never end's ... But we got to
    stay strong and always smile :o) 
  15. I always love this song <3 goosebumps
  16. This song made be bawl likw a baby
  17. this song has a lot of meaning to me an my dad he served in marines from
    1960 to 68 hes going throw alot with the va hosipitals hes had infection in
    his leg ran out medicine the hell he has to go throw to get it filled i
    worry about him alot i wish they would take better care of our men an women
    how servered our country the main thing i do is pray they did there job
    they need to do there job
  18. I love this song
  19. this was for the soldiers who were married before the left. then, came back
    with there life changed with a k-oz they never thought they'll land up in.
    To my Father. 
  20. old memories
  21. Going to see Travis and Kidd Rock on the thirteenth in Franklin Tn. Cant
  22. such a powerful song.....
  23. she didn't day good by, she died..
  24. Btw this is his gf
  25. OMG this vid gives me cold chills.
Travis Tritt
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